MyWorld Price Rise

We regret that rapidly rising costs for raw materials necessitate our raising the price of all canvas by 15% effective April 1st, 2016. We have not raised the prices of our products in all these years despite the continuous rise in service expenses & we have made every attempt to avoid the increase, but we refuse to compromise on quality. This is our only recourse. We think you will agree that the quality of MyWorld canvas should not be sacrificed. We look forward to another year of association with you

The Team @ MyWorld

Fathers Day Special
August 7th, 2012 

Its time to remember Dad again….. and with this offer, he will be stoked. What better way to surprise Dad on Fathers Day but to give him a ‘memory’ stretched on canvas.

My World is offering a massive 40% off any canvas. This also includes delivery to your door anywhere in NZ.

But you better get in quick, as Fathers Day is just round the corner (Sunday 2th September) so we need your image now to reach your Dad in time.

                     Orders must be in by Tuesday 28th August @ 5pm.

Mid-Winter Christmas 
July 9th, 2012 

Jack frost and winter are now fully upon us, the Team at MyWorld have created a deal to help you get over those mid-winter blues, we like to call it our mid-winter christmas gift to you.

Order any canvas before July 31st and get 50% off your total order when you use the code midwinter at checkout. 

That’s right, 50% off off your entire order (including shipping)!

All our canvases are made here in New Zealand. Each canvas is printed on site, hand stretched onto New Zealand pine framing and sprayed with a UV protectant to conserve the life of your artwork by our talented team.

This allows us to pass on exceptional value for money to you, the customer, and with our already rock bottom price slashed in half we can not be beaten.

We believe that we make the best canvases in New Zealand. Try us out for yourself.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of our work we guarantee to refund you 100%

Code: midwinter


Valentine's Day! 
January 23rd 2012  Kelly Dwen

With January coming to a close it means we are getting closer to that date everyone loves but secretly dreads, Valentine’s Day. The time of year to express your romantic feelings to the love of your life or to that someone special. Unfortunately, along with the mushy feelings comes the fear, what do I get them? How do I avoid giving them something totally lame and clichéd like chocolates or overpriced flowers?

Here at MyWorld we are all about looking after you, our loyal customer and striving to bring you the best deals possible.
So we put it to you that this year you do something different for that someone special and forget the flowers, roses, chocolates, gift baskets and candles and instead put that special picture on canvas and surprise them with a quality MyWorld canvas come Valentine’s Day.

To sweeten the deal, we have a special offer for all you lovers out there.

Order any Light A3 Canvas before February 7th and get another Light A3 Canvas valued at $59 for free*!

Get one canvas for you and one for your beloved, or if you like to live dangerously, one for each of your girlfriends. However you want to use this offer, it’s up to you but you had better hurry, the offer is only valid for the first 100 customers, so get in quick!

Upload your images now and use the voucher code below for your free canvas. Please note that both canvases need to be ordered at the same time to qualify.


* Terms and conditions.
Not redeemable with any other offer
Offer is only valid for the first 100 customers who use the code before Feb 7th.
Offer is only valid for Light A3 Canvases where both canvases are ordered at the same time.
The voucher code must be used at checkout.
Failure to abide by these conditions may result in your additional canvas not being printed.
Standard terms and conditions as outlined at also apply.
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20th December 2011   Kelly Dwen

Welcome to the MyWorld blog, we will be updating this regularly to include fantastic tips and tricks to improve your photography and how to get the best out of your canvas prints. So make sure you save the link and check back often. For now, check out our first offering, tips to improve your Christmas photos.


7 Tips to improve your Christmas photos
20th December 2011    Kelly Dwen

We all know how crazy this time of year can get, and sometimes taking pictures is the last thing you want to do, especially when they don't come out quite how you imagined them.
Take a look at our tips to improve your Christmas photos and start taking the pictures you always wanted.

1. Be prepared.


Make sure you charge your batteries, clear off the memory card and if you are heading away from home for the holiday, make sure you pack the camera!


2. Check your light source.


Wondering why when you take a picture of your kids in front of a bright background your photos turn out really dark?

The answer is pretty simple, your camera sensors are picking up the light in the background and are adjusting for that. To avoid this make sure your light source (the sun or bright lamps) are behind you when you are taking the picture. Just make sure you aren’t blocking the light and casting a shadow!


3. Think about your background


Don’t just look at your subjects, look at what is behind them. Being aware of your background can make a huge difference to your photos.

A busy background will distract from the subject, a plain background will let the eye naturally settle where you wanted it.


4. Fill your frame


Use the zoom function on your camera to good effect, don’t be afraid to get in close and get pictures of all the details, just like checking your background, using the zoom to eliminate distractions can do wonders for your photos.


5. Use your tripod


If you have a tripod, think about using it this Christmas.


Not only will it help stop the ‘blurry picture’ syndrome, but also the ‘I’ve had a bit too much to drink’ syndrome where all your photos appear on a slight angle.


Set it up, check its straight and start snapping.


6. Don’t forget to check your photos


There is nothing worse than spending the whole day taking photos only to go back and look at them after everyone has left and find they are unusable.


Make sure you stop and check your photos every so often.


If the worst comes to the worst chances are you can re-stage that important picture, but it’s hard to do once everyone has gone home!


7. Last but not least, have fun!


One of the best things about being the designated camera person on the day (aside from avoiding being caught mid bite) is catching all the candid moments and details of the day.


Don’t be afraid to try new things, new angles and new settings.


Take the camera out of automatic mode and play.


But most importantly, have fun.


Oh, and don’t forget to make sure you are in a few pictures as well!