Hints and Tips for taking the perfect picture

When you have that perfect picture you just can't wait to get it printed onto canvas and display it for all the world to see.  But getting the perfect picture doesn't have to be a "fluke".  Use these helpful My World photography hints and tips and you'll find every photo will be worthy of printing onto canvas.

Taking photos during the day:
  • When taking a photo of people on bright sunny days, try turning the flash on.
    This way, shadows won't be so dark around the eyes and face. If you have a very strong flash, the result can be fantastic.
  • On bright days, a camera will sometimes expose to bright lights or reflections rather than your subject matter, resulting in silhouettes. Many cameras will allow you to push the button half way down to focus and set it's exposure ready for the shot.
    Try pointing your camera at the ground directly at your model's feet before taking the photo.  Then push your camera button half way down to focus the shot - you can then point your lens at your models and take the photo you want.

Taking photos during the evening:

  • If you're trying to take a photo at an evening dinner or BBQ (and the light is becoming dim), try pulling back to a wide angle shot and resting part of the camera on the table. This way you can still make the most of fabulous evening natural light, without camera shake.
  • Worried about using a flash in front of mirrors or glass and ending up with an interrupting reflection in your shot?   Just tilt your camera slightly and take the shot on an angle to the surface.  This way the light is reflecting away from you, rather than back at you.

Taking photos of subjects on the move:

  • When photographing children playing (whether they are running or on the swing), rather than pointing and shooting in the hope that they won't be moving too quick causing blur, follow the child in the view finder while taking the photo. This may take some practice, but the result will be that the subject is sharp, and the background is blurred rather than the other way around.

Capturing a smile:

  • Saying "1...2...3....cheese!" is still the best way to capture a smile!
    If you don't provide this countdown, people will try to hold a smile, waiting for you to take the picture. This results in strained and slightly un-natural smiles.  Count them in and say "cheese", that way the smiles are fresh and natural.
Hints and tip kindly provided by Richard Wood of Richard Wood Photography